iTero Element 5D

The iTero Element 5D is a state-of-the-art intraoral digital scanner that captures highly accurate 3D images. This revolutionary technology raises the standard of dental care by delivering patients a more relaxing and enjoyable orthodontic experience from the beginning to the end to help best enhance and care for their healthy smiles.

The iTero Element 5D is used to create accurate 3D models of the teeth, gums, and bites. This 3D model is then projected as a virtual image onto a computer screen and is sent to an Invisalign lab to fabricate Invisalign aligners. It can capture up to 20 images per second, which results in a 3D model that is up to 50% more accurate than traditional 3D scanners. It also ensures a faster turnaround time for Invisalign aligners as the dentist is able to upload the scan results immediately to manufacture superior-fitting restorations that require little to no adjustments. With the use of iTero, dentists may also precisely visualize how a patient's teeth would appear after receiving Invisalign treatment.