ITero Element 5D

ITero Element 5D

What is Itero Element 5D?

Itero Element 5D is a low radiation laser scanner used for taking digital impressions. The scanner is significantly more hygienic than taking a traditional impression. Additionally, the scanner provides better accuracy, detail, and fit.

What are the benefits of Itero Element 5D?

Itero Element 5D provides consistent accuracy, while reducing the time you spend in the dental chair.

What can Itero Element 5D be used for?

Itero Element 5D can be used for a wide range of dental situations. These include:

- Immediate Dentures

- Partial Dentures

- Full Dentures

- Implant Cases

- Teeth Whitening

- Crowns and Bridges

- Veneers

- Orthodontics

Itero Element 5D can also be used for any type of orthodontic situation.

Who is a good candidate for Itero Element 5D?

The Itero Element 5D is a suitable option for patients of all ages, except for children younger than 7 years of age.